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Past Projects

Dark Beauty(Currently in production)

  • Breathing Black

(2020 Documentary)

Assignment: Still photographer. Filmed during the pandemic with an all female Afro-American crew.

  • By Any Means Necessary - Stories of Survival

(2019 Documentary)

​Assignment: Still photographer

Dark Beauty is a docuseries with plans of evolving into a full-length documentary. This eye-opening project shares the stories African American women with dark skin complexion. The viewing audience will hear various accounts of how each person had to face the world from the moment they wake up, until they fall sleep. How did their skin color affect make-up and clothing choices? Relationships, social interactions, self-esteem, etc. This will be first Daisy Browns documentary as a director and one that is very personal to her, and she is proud to be a part of this beautiful sisterhood. 

Dark Beauty was just featured in the "Loud - N - Clear" film festival on June 19, 2023, presented by Fusion Partnerships 

Current Exhibition: Dark Beauty at The Peale

"The women share raw moving stories of acceptance, self-love, family dynamics, colorism and so much more. It’s a very real experience of healing and understanding for these beautiful individuals and all who follow the journey."  In this exhibition, guest will have a chance to view a few video interviews, portraits and other engaging activities.

Date: August 13, 2023 – October 1, 2023
When: Open during regular hours, plus after-hours special events
Location: The Peale, 225 Holliday Street, Baltimore
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Coming soon November 2023! New interviews will be added to the Dark Beauty docu-series on our YouTube channel. 

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