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Daisy B_

My Story

Born and raised in Baltimore. I found myself finding beauty everywhere, even in places that may seem less desirable to visit. I dreamed of showing people how beautiful our city is and how much I love it. My first camera was a toy "Fisher Price Pocket Camera" with a little cube on top for a flash. I must have been about 6yrs.old and it was given to me as a gift from my mom. Speaking of which, that's where I got my love of photography. From family functions, road trips, school programs and just around the house. Come to think of it, she always had a camera with her and now I do too.

I love photographing in black and white, Street photography and natural light is my preferred style. Self taught with a strong desire to learn from others. My hope is to have my work in galleries, homes and publications. After being a photographer for a few documentaries, I want to develop and produce documentaries that tell the stories of the African American culture and it's people in the most authentic way possible. 

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